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i was born with billiard atresia and cannot find any one in similar position i have my own liver and have no jaundice, but have had from tim

i am 55 yeas old and have had four children i managed reasonably well with periods of illness here and there. I now seem to be going down hill arthritis of the spine and legs skin problems and other things does any one know anyone in my position that i could speak to my doctor just says you would have to talk to a specialist..... as i have only found two other posts on the whole of the internet of people of my age born with it i would not know where to find a specialist thanks for listening and good luck all of you x

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Have you ever seen a Hepatologist. That would be the first move.

They deal with the liver only, whereas Gastroenterologists are all rounders as regarding the whole digestive system.


Hi diaxos. Is it biliary atresia? If you 'google': forum biliary atresia (be careful with the spelling so google picks it up) it will find patient forums for people suffering from this that you can join and discuss with others in similar position.


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