Just diagnosed with early Cirrhosis

Yesterday I had my gallbladder removed, and after the operation, he told me that my liver was hard and scarred, and that I have early Cirrhosis. I rarely drink, a few years ago I want to my doctor with oedema, itchy skin, low vitamin D, I have also developed Psoriasis a few years ago and at the same time had abscess which developed into fistulas. Is all this linked to Cirrhosis? I will phone my GP in the morning and make an appointment to see him, I am still in shock, and in pain from the operation and not sure what I should do? Can anyone advise me please I am still getting over the affects of the operation and haven't taken it in yet

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  • Hi, sorry to hear about your news, but its not the end of the world. Caught in the early stages cirrhosis can be managed quite successfully. As you said the first thing is to see your gp and find out what caused this. Get referred to a hepatologist who will monitor your condition. With having a good lifestyle ie no alcohol and a good diet, it is possible to live a healthy life, so try not to worry too much. Get in touch with your doc and go from there. All the best.

  • I totally agree with nbee. Although you rarely drink I would suggest you give up any alcohol for good,as drinking will only add to what is an early indication of cirrhosis. Good luck,my thoughts are with you.

  • Thank you both so much, for your advise it did help take away some worry. I saw my GP today and he thinks that the cirrhosis may have been coursed by underlaying bowel problems or medication I have taken. In 4 weeks time they will run some tests, I will ask to see a specialist then when my body has healed from the operation. It was not nice waking up from op being asked if I drink as my liver is hard and scarred and being told I have cirrhosis it frightened the live out of me.

  • Yeah it can be scary but your on the right track now. Your gp sounds clued up and should refer you to a specialist without asking but if not make sure you say and get one because it is a condition that really does need monitoring. Take care.

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