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NASH, now what happens?

had blood tested as high ggt , dr said i got NASH, (already have fibro, osteoarthritis and DDD) and take heaps of tablets, i am overweight as on Pregabalin and the weight piled on, now reducing these to see if helps with weight, but that was all he said, reduce the pregab tablets, any idea if i need retests or should see someone else etc, just feel like been abandoned, thanks in advance

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Hi. I am a little puzzled - when you say that the doctor says you have NASH - was this from your GP or a hepatologist? This is a specialist area and as such you need referral to a hepatologist. It cannot be diagnosed on the basis of just one blood test (GGT). I am not surprised that you feel abandoned. I suggest you return to your GP and ask for a referral - or try a different GP in the same practice. Certainly you will do no harm by upping your exercise levels - just normal exercise, looking at your diet and doing what you can to lose weight. Good luck.


hi, yes just from a the dr, from a scan i had done i have alot of mobility problems and am trying to lose some pounds, i dont drink, smoke or eat chocolate, or sweet toothed, dont own a chip pan or fryer, thanks, i will go back and see a different dr, not been referred to anyone over it, thats what confused me, thanks


Although I have no experience of this problem I have "googled" this on the net. There appears to be no definate cure the advice I have read is to lose weight, follow a calorie controlled diet. Also eat a sensible diet with a reasonable proportion of vegetables,protein and carbohydrate. I found an on-line application called "noom" to work for me. Also take some regular excercise and certaintly lay off alcohol and sweet things. Hope this is of use to you.


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