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Hubby has recently been put on iron tablets by the GP even though his consultant didn;t want him to have them because they would mask bleeding varice's,well he had what he would of said was a bleed this morning but because of the iron tabs he just is not sure,he thinks it may be the tabs because apart from feeling tired and lacking energy he he has none of the symptoms he usually has, luckily he has appointment with his consultant this afternoon.

Just wondering if anyone has had issue's like this

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Hope all goes well at the consultants. My hubby is also on iron tablets and was prescribed them by his liver consultant. It worries us at times as his stools are blackened which could mask a bleed, however, its not nice to say but hubby does check the toilet bowl following each motion for signs of fresh red blood as obviously it won't be obvious in the actual stool. My hubby is having endoscopy and banding regularly and also had a colonoscopy last year to check out a possible additional cause of his anemia.



Thank you for your reply,Visit to the consultant quite good in the respect that hubby is now getting more support and our gp is not the consultants favourite person right now as he put hubby on statins and there is nothing wrong with his cholestral so now he has to have an emergancy scan to check they have not caused more damage to his liver and apparently because he has been diognosed with asthma recently he has to stop taking the propranadol also confirmed he has fluid in his stomach and some on his lungs has been given water tabs to help with this,he also has appointmens for brain scan, endescopy and possible banding,it all sounds worrying but at least he is getting things done now,

Sorry spelling seems to escaped me this evening.


Iron tablets can make your stools grey or black. I've been on them for 5 years (200mg) and only once noticed bleeding (after surgery). There was evidence of blood on toilet paper.

If he has evidence of fresh (bright red blood) inform doctor immediately.


I fought the NHS and won the right to be prescribed Maltofer which is an iron supplement tablet especially made for people like me who can't take normal iron tablets.

Research it on the internet. None of my Drs had heard of it but it was easy to obtain from one pharmacy. Initially I paid GBP 100 per month for it. Now I get it for free.


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