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Worried about my mother

Hi all I am new to this site my mom was told she was in end stage liver disease about a year and a half ago, she has been an alcoholic for many years. She has been in and out of hospital with all sorts like bleeding varicoses, bad kidney function etc. she has been going in every 2 weeks to have her acites drained, a few times she has gone in and become drowsy and confused this time she is like this but worse than she has ever been, she was not aware we were there today, they have told us it could be to do with the withdrawal or she could have a build up of toxins and her liver can not get rid off these due to it hardly functioning. Has anyone been through this and is she likely to pull through?

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I had a long wait before I was fortunate to receive a liver transplant. At the time I had sunk to the level of being practically a vegetable. Now I am a member of sociery again so keep your hopes up. I would advise to have a frank talk with the consultant in charge regarding the situation. I know that urgent cases can go to the top of the waiting list if necessary.


Hi i agree ask for an appointment with the consultant and they will usually be straight about the situation. I know this was the case with my brother who we unfortunately lost four years ago. He got swine flu and pneumonia on top of the cirrhosis and wasnt strong enough. He wouldnt stop drinking so couldnt go forward for transplant. Was too ill in the end anyway. However he wasnt eating either and everyone is different even with similar illnesses.

Hope things look up for your mom.


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