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Relapse Update

Update on my relapse. If can remember I relapse after 3 months off alcohol, and been drinking for about 2 months. Saw my consellor yesterday...options were.

- home detox with medical assistance - will not authorise this as it was too risky!

- inpatient detox for 3 days -not authorised

- detox centre funded by nhs -3 months waiting list

So tbe above were not authorised, so back up plan slow reduction...I was really dissappointed and down about yhis.

So I took things in my own hands, I stopped justed at 2pm, thinking I can handle the withdrawal process. How very wrong was I. Worse night of my life, sickness, diarrhoea, cramps, sweats adonimal and chest pain , muscle spasms and hiloscination. Was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack, so 999 out at 5am.after several test ecg etc and hour monitoring paramedic check with hospital and agreed to go to doctors first thing to either see she can fast track me or prescride medicine support. We decided on the later and on a tranquilliser chlordiazepoixide for 5 days, twice daily visits to doctors to monitor.

So, in summary, if u are in similar situation dont do it with medical intervension

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That sounds tough bigplanet. I hope you feel better soon and are able to work with you doc and the meds to get you right again. I was detoxed with librium in hospital when my ascites forced an admission. Medical intervention is indeed a wise way to go but not always offered until you are really ill unfortunately.

It is hard but you can do it. You seem to have lots of support and wellwishers on here.

Good luck.



I have spoken to a counsellor about this in general and was told no way stop straight away, they said reduce by 10%... coming straight off can kill you its alot worse than drugs. With drugs you go cold turkey but with alcohol you could tie.. so take it slowly, but if you want it you will do it .



I was fed up that they would not give medical intervention. So sort of really force there hand, not my prime motivation but just a result.yes this my seconf time on detox first was when I was in hospital, case of having to they dont have bars in hospital...


After drinking for years and then really heavy last few, I am to frightened of the way you die, it is one of the worse deaths. When after bleeding out for the 4th time and looking at a sink full to the top with blood, that was it, As I told you before be strong think what is more important to you. If things are bad now get better and then do what you want to do with your life. Make it better, after all people will greave when your gone and they will never forget you, but in the end they will live on, where will you be !!! I maybe wrong but I think that you feel your at the end and feel very down, it's good to share your thoughts on here, but I think you need a one to one person to talk to, if your friends are all drinkers then ask about seeing someone talk to your doctor or consultant. Like I said before you can pull life back if you really want to, look at what you have now and could have xx


Thanks ruby...agree. I have a consellor I see weekly at the moment and this week she is coming around twice aday when I am on these drugs. I dont open up and hide behind that man thing of being fine but in reality,,, not. Partner is very suportive, he has been there to but I cant lean on him too much. Mum got really upset when she foumd oit I was drinkimg again specially after my dad passing away. These drugs are strong and makes me disoriented slihhtly. Seeing Dr every day and bloods tmr. I see consultants are okay but dont always have yhe time for in depth conselling. I be strong..thanks xxxx


I am very pleased to hear you have support around you. What are these drugs you are taken, they sound to me that they are making you feel a lot worse. Sad about your dad, but do you see what I was trying to say, now your mum needs you and as a mum she should never have to loose a child if you give up and leave her a part of her will die to....You say you can't lean much more on your partner, it is sometimes better to talk to people who have the same, as we all understand. He sounds really good ..lucky to have him, put it all on us, we are not as close as family. Talk soon xxxx


How are you doing Bigplanet?

This time will be so hard for you, I know. I hope you are keeping your mind occupied, -with other stuff..? Those Chlordiazepoxide (if I've spelled that right!) Are strong aren't they, I had them on detox about 4 years ago now, and I was positively bouncing by the end of the week. I fell by the wayside a few months after though and didn't stop completely until being told the same thing in 2011, -that I'd be lucky to see my next Birthday, never mind any longer.

Last drink I had - 19th September 2011, and oh boy, do I still crave a drink every single day.. Sometimes I cry with frustration!, I know, from others, on this site, that I'm far from alone though and speaking with you all on blt has Definitely helped me through the last few months.

Sorry to quote the old cliché, but 'one day at a time' is most definitely true.

Just wanted to let you know that your most definitely Not alone. I hope too, that your not beating yourself up too much about it, its So hard, and the fact that your facing up to this is the proof that you Do have the strength..even if you feel weak. Well done, and keep your chin up, (easier said than done, I know..!)

Best wishes.

Pen x


Big planet from experience Im with you all the way. My liver is badddd. But I resently found out from one of the liver specialist that some of the tablets Im on is now pounding my kidneys and another is pounding my kidneys and liver....Oh what to do???????????

Sorry I cant be more positve. But you seem to have to do what you feel is right. If anyone wants to slate me for this post..go for it but Ive done it their way and that seems to mess me up even more. Do what you got to do. Bless you. x


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