NASH and genetics

Hi does anyone out there know anything about NASH being inherited. I am one of three sisters. I do not drink alcohol and have NASH, with cirrhosis. My younger sister drinks hardly any alcohol and has NASH. Our elder sister (who would be the first to admit to enjoying a glass of wine) is fortunately absolutley fine. As far as we knoe there is no one else in the family affected

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  • Hi - sorry to hear of your illness x I haven't heard of any genetic or familial causes of NASH but I am definitely no expert (just do a lot of reading about my husbands hep c and cirrhosis) - which is why I wanted to mention that I believed that NASH was a factor that led to cirrhosis - not something that you could have 'together' - could be totally wrong - but have read many articles that say that NAFLD and NASH lead onto cirrhosis ???? Perhaps body types may have something to do with it - have a look on google scholar and you should find some medical papers about it xxxxxxxx hope you are ok xxxxxxxxx

  • yes - sorry if I misled you - my NASH has progressed to cirrhosis. Hope your husband is doing OK. I will look up some medical journal articles

  • genetic liver NASH info go to:

  • Many thanks for the link

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