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Doubts over healthcare


Hi all, following on from my previous blog re:-increased meds, on Friday morning at 2.30amwe had to use the 111 service due to me being in agony with a burning sensation felt like I had poured boiling water all down my lower legs.

After some confusion, they thought I was calling about psoriasis instead of cirrhosis was told to go to our local A&e dept, the Dctr there took blood and after a wait he returned with another Dctr who said my bloods were ok and that there was nothing they could do because of my condition and to see my own Gp and was sent home.

On Saturday morning my husband went to the local pharmacy to ask whether it was a good idea to wrap my legs for the sake of the fluid weeping out he was told to get medical advice

Before doing so,once again we rang 111 for some advice after speaking to a nurse her clinician advised against this and we were passed on to a Dctr went through all symptoms

With her all the meds I was on etc etc she apologised for the hospitals lack of care and decided I needed to be seen by a Dctr, so we went up to the out of hours unit were I was seen by a Dctr. When he saw my legs he immediatley said how bad they were and that they were infected with cellulitis and gave me antibiotics and creams to apply,why did the hospital Dctrs not recognise it? feel really angry at the moment and I have no faith in anyone

just wanted to air my feelings here, hope things improve my legs are still very sore but hopefully the meds will kick in. Best wishes to all and thnxs for reading

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How awful for you - cant believe how patchy the NHS is nowadays.

We have been through similar believe me with my mother and husband. \Our doctor didnt even know my mother had peritonitis which eventually killed her, she was in agony. I mentioned to him that the medical dictionary described her symptoms!

Its all rather hit and miss. I realize their job is hard but that is why they get paid terrific salaries. Thank goodness you found a competent Dr, in the end.

Do hope your legs will get better very soon

Very best wishes.


I don't understand why you are phoning 111, you should have the number to contact your haematologist or duty haematologist or someone connected with the ward night or day. When you went to A & E they should have contacted the team looking after you. Did they not tell you to contact them if you had any problems or were worried about anything.

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