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The dangers of running like a Loris

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The weather has changed today. It's about 22 degrees and overcast. I decided to run up into the hills for a little way. The thing about slow running is you feel like you could run all day. Before I realised how far I'd gone it was 5K so common sense returned and I turned around. I hadn't intended to jump back up to 10K yet and my legs ached a bit at the end but it was a nice run.

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That looks and sounds like a lovely run. Are you on holiday somewhere nice?

Running like a tourist really is the best thing ever👍 ☀️🏃🏾‍♀️

It's an old river bed that runs from the sea up into the mountains. I normally cycle up. Coming back down is a real hoot.

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I see snakes :O

I don't go fast enough to startle anything.

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wow that looks lush, what a lovely run :)

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Gorgeous. What a beautiful place to run. Very easy to lose track of time and distance!

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These accidental 10ks keep happening. Nice going Loris at whatever speed

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Looks like a lovely place to run, well done Loris!! :) :)

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Beautiful scenery - sounds lovely! :)

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