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Differences of opinion and your responsibility as a forum member

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Differences of opinion

We will all see posts that we disagree with from time to time or wording we are not happy with. We do not have a problem with discussions on the forum and we don’t have a problem with differences of opinion.

What we do however have a problem with and find totally unacceptable is any form of name calling or personal derogatory remarks. Any remarks like that and your reply/ post will be deleted and a message sent to you with a reason why we have done this. We try and keep the forum as friendly as we can so it is up to you to decide if you can put your point across in a calm unthreatening way. If you can’t I would advise you walk away from posting until you can then put a together a reasonable argument that is not against the forum guidelines that you all agreed with when you sign up.

Any form of harassment or bullying will not be tolerated.

I am seeing that harsher comments are creeping into posts and this really isn’t the place for it. This forum is supportive and encouraging. I refer back to the old saying if you haven’t got something nice to say then keep quiet. Harsh words on this forum are the difference between someone giving up and doing something that has a knock on effect on their health or it could a little hand holding as they struggle and you help them succeed.

If we find a post has taken a nasty turn at night and it needs to be sorted. An admin will turn of the replies and restrict the users overnight to allow admins to sleep. We will then pick up the issue in the morning. I am having admins losing sleep because they are worried about how posts might turn, so we are taking steps to protect the admins from doing this.

It is still a three strike rule. Three justified complaints and you will be restricted.

I have never had to write a post like this before and because of it we will soon be introducing new community guidelines in addition to the Healthunlocked ones


The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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