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New Shorts and a whole lot of stubble!


Well the long journey towards the END OF TERM is still meandering it's slow and punishing route. I'm now fuelled almost totally by a combination of coffee, Haribo and cakes donated to the staff room by parents.

Reports, Sports Day and end of term productions are now history and there remains 'only' the Leavers Service, PTA BBQ, Yr6 Sleepover (in the woods) Get Active days (because we all clearly haven't been active enough already this year), staff do and Leavers Assembly to squeeze in before next Wednesday....

There hasn't been much time for running and my running on alternate days has rather fallen off of late. 😞

However found myself home before 7pm this evening and still tanked up enough on caffeine and sugar to feel like attempting a run and the arrival of my bargain Sweaty Betty shorts spurred me on to get out there.

I have still in all the chaos that is school life at the moment managed to keep to a regular personal grooming regime so the stubble encountered wasn't mine - but rather belonged to the field I often run through and was not overly comfortable underfoot - and made for a bit of a 'why did I decide that this was a good idea' kind of run for the first 10 minutes or so. However a change to tarmac on the path home, comfy new shorts and some evening sun and a light breeze soon turned it into the 'ahh this is what I've been missing' sort of an outing. Looking forward to lots more runs over the summer. 😊

Happy running everyone.

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The end of term is so much fun!!! 🤪🤪


I know that end of term feeling - I’m crawling my way through until next Tuesday afternoon! It’s always a week too long in my opinion! Glad your run helped you though - I’m going out in the morning and hoping to feel a bit more positive - struggling with motivation right now. 🏃‍♀️😊🏃‍♀️

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Getting out there is the challenge. I never regret it once I'm done but when the decision is between a run or an extra half hour in bed or a run or crashing on the sofa and eating my own body weight in crisps it's not that straight forward- especially at this end of the year. 😂 Roll on Wednesday lunchtime! You're right it's always a week too long!


End of term... ahhhh.......I remember it so well.... try coping with a class of 30, tired, and very crotchety children. and any running distance in whatever circumstances seems like heaven !!!

Go you!!!


Thanks Floss- it is a special sort of madness! And I honestly wouldn't be without it bit at this time of year I'm just a slave to school.

Promising myself lots of lovely runs during the summer- in honour of the beginning of my C25K journey last year 😊

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C.f. I loved it too... xx


That end of term sounds familiar! I nearly managed to keep to 3 runs a week. Well done on getting out, the end is in sight!😊


Shorts! Yay! That run sounds like it was just the ticket, well done Teach! x

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Just noticed your graduate 10 badge 😊!

Have missed that (bloody end of term!) Must go look.

Congrats - bet you feel fab!


Sounds perfect, and I’m so glad you got to go for your run. I have to say that I did wonder where you were going with the stubble thing in the title of your post though 😂


Well done Debs - I can just see you running out of school in a week's time running and screaming your freedom ahead of all the kids!

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That will definitely be me!

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