I seem to be going backwards, what's happening?

Now I've graduated, I've been trying to get out there regularly. The last couple of runs, I've been attacked by gremlins far more than before. I've had to take a breather half way - only a few seconds each time but I can't work out what's going on? Feeling really despondent and worried that I'm going to start finding reasons not to go...

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  • That patch straight after graduating from c25k is weird, I remember for ages I was unsure what to do next. Do you listen to anything while you're running? I kept listening to week 9 for ages, tried the c25k+ podcasts and also just listened to music, found the stone roses worked really well for getting me in the zone... maybe try changing things around. Listen to audiobooks, try different routes, try to master negative splits, run faster or slower, vary the distances. Hope that helps. Also name your gremlin I found that helped. Mine is called Sluggish Sally 😈😈😈

  • I've got a running playlist which has kept my pace going. I tried a different route yesterday but just feel I'm being a wimp. I think the audiobook idea is a good one, I'll give that a go, thanks.

    I don't have a gremlin name, I'll ponder it...

  • I started listening to interview podcasts at one point it was a different kind of listening, really helped me to run a bit more naturally. Keep meaning to download a few free audiobooks via my local library too... anyway it's not you. It's normal to go through these patches. Certainly not a wimp :)

  • Don't worry, I felt exactly the same when I graduated at the end of Feb. I tried repeating wk9, podcasts, etc. eventually, I changed my route & playlist, added in inclines & steps & the most liberating of all, stopped wearing my Fitbit - it was so liberating. There was no pressure & I stopped worrying about running alternate days & if I needed an extra rest day or two then I take it. Don't fret, you will move foreword xx

  • Thanks. It's good to know it's normal!

  • Walking breaks are what everyone does! They mean the difference between success and failure. If you have mini breaks during the run it means you finish it. As you get get fitter and stronger you may take fewer of them. Til then, take them 🙂

  • That just happens sometimes, it happens to all of us. Are you mixing up your distances or doing, say, 5K very time? Eating enough? Try some shorter runs, small successes will make you feel less despondent. They don't all have to be long runs, short runs are fun sometimes. How about trying the + podcasts? They mix things up a bit.

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