Gremlins after briefly stopping

.. I did 7k this morning running with my running group director, taking in a few hills and she briefly stopped a few times to take photos and I stopped as well, but when I started to run again found I was struggling with the mind telling me I wanted to stop, which I discussed with her while running, and she said it's probably because we stopped, just push through! and as I told her, I started to feel better and could carry on. She said, she tries never to stop for that reason just slow down if need be but keep going, good advice from an expert runner..😊

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  • That is exactly what I do Dave; slow up if need be, but I run much better if I just keep plodding on!🏃🏻🏃🏻

  • Those pesky gremlins get everywhere but they don't hang around for long if you keep moving 😊

  • Yep, keep running even if snails overtake you!

  • Well done on your 7k Dave !

    Yes I find this too. I did have a bit of an experiment with run/walk but it didn't work for me. I know a lot of folks that it suits, but I find the stopping and starting very tiring for me personally :-) xxx

  • Dave - I find this on long walks too, (we are doing the south west coast path) after a stop for lunch its always really hard to get going again!

  • Jo, we are down in the Poole area next week, so may do some of the coastal path..😊

  • I have to agree it is very hard to get going again after a stop. Run/walk didn't suit me either. I think once my legs top they just give up the ghost and want to go home. Well done for keeping at it.

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