Minimal effective training programme

I have 6 months left of this year and will be doing no more races. I do like to follow training programmes (that is what C25K did to me :) ) and have decided to follow the HR based programmes to be found in this little book - there are basically three levels.

But I really like what I read here - and I can see how the Benson HR training programmes can fit nicely into the overall philosophy of "Herm's" 4 day per week minimal training.

I have actually gone back to the basics already (after recently running HM's and 10K's at 85-90% of maxHR ) - doing nothing but easy 30 minute non-stop runs for the past 2 weeks - I start to increase their volume starting this week until I get to 5 days / 3&1/2 hours per week. I must say that now that I am not looking at running pace at all - and only concerning myself with time and heart rate numbers, I am feeling a lot better :) and even more enthused.

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  • Interesting stuff! I might look into this form of training as I've noticed that with the weeks of running my heart rate isn't racing up as fast as it used to.

  • this is the plan i am doing for my half marathon in september..seems to be going well..sometimes though i only manage 3 times a week instead of 4.

  • That plan by Herm looks sensible.

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