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Garmin experts - please?

• Warm up, Z2, 10 minutes.

111 to 129 bpm

• Run, Z4, 10 minutes.

148 to 166 bpm

• Run, Z2, 10 minutes.

111 to 129 bpm

The above is a day out of a Garmin training plan. My watch already knows what my upper and lower limits are for the various zones - I am fairly sure that I know how to programme this workout into the watch - and the watch would then beep at me at 0 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes and tell me what to do at each change point. BUT - once it (for example) tells me when to start running the first zone 4 interval, how will I know when I am inside that zone 4? Do I have to keep looking at my watch?? Or does it some how automatically warm me when I am outside the zone? What happens when it then moves onto the final Z2 interval???

• Cool down, 5-10 minutes.

• Stretch.

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For mine (610) it has an option to programme the duration and what HR you want to do it in. I end up customising mine because it didn't beep until I was quite over or quite under. After a few goes I've realised that 3-4 beats less than the max is what I should set it to so I don't end up going over :-)

For the final Z2 I would imagine that it'll beep at you until your HR is down to where it needs to be.

Hope that's helpful :-)


Mine tells me my zone at the top. I will try and take a pic and share on FB for you so you can see.


Mine isn't that fancy 😕


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