On track

Another longer run on Tuesday eve 8.4 km average pace 6.54min/km

Same pace as last week Mr consistency strikes and liking that feeling target has always been 7min per km so anything under always a bonus ..

If I can keep that up would be looking around 65 mins for 10k , would love that but the important thing will be 10k ..so close again

Watch this space :)

Ps who turned the aircon right down again outside brrrrr it is cold out there

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  • All sounds like it's going in the right direction to me! Well doneπŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra :)

  • Speedy Gonzales!

  • Haha thanks it doesn't feel it :)

  • Great job, slow and steady is the key, your timings look good.

  • Thanks Mat :) anything under 70 min's will be a bonus :)

  • Its funny how when we first started the c25k journey that all we wanted was to get to the end of being able to run 30 minutes regardless of distance then the "I need to run the 5k in 30mins or under" was the goal, now its the 10k distance and then even though we are doing that or working towards that we have an eye on the timing and to improve on whatever we are running. Its just been an amazing journey and one that I always look back on to think that this time last year I couldn't run to the end of the path. You are doing great!. By the way the we in this post is the royal we as in all of us who have taken part in this journey.

  • So true Mat, when we all start out 1 min is the goal and that is a struggle.

    The journey is full of ups and downs and I have had both ... but it doesn't take away the desire and enjoyment of running it is all about being better then we were :D no matter what distance or speed

    I for one have so so much to that c25k for and everyone here it really is one big family :)

    Well done you Matenjoy all your running where ever it takes you :)

  • Aw our lovely Rob , massive hugs (((( ))))

    Keep going mate , so glad to read you're out there and getting the love back xxx

  • Aw thanks poppy :) hugs back (((( ))))

    Definitely feeling the live again :)

    Hope you doing well too poppy xxxx

  • well done Rob! nothing wrong with being Mr Consistency!! :) 10k here you come!!

  • Thanks Aliboo :) it has been a long time coming !!

  • Hiya Rob. Nothing wrong with your pace. I say that cos it's about my pace too πŸ˜€. I did a 10k race in 1HR 9mins something last year. Doing it again this year, hoping I might be a bit quicker, but if not then hey ho, never mind!

    Just enjoy I say πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ’¨ xx

  • Hi pink thanks :) 69 mins is pretty good pace too

    I am Def enjoying my running g again :)

    Good luck with your runs :) I am looking at 10k in June so no rush for me xx

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