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My Experience as a third person - Middle

Best thing that we did even in such stressed situation was 'Not wasting time in thinking when should she be operated'... We met an extremely amazing doctor after enough of 'doctor shopping'.. He explained us in detail, after checking the reports of the tests, what should be done and what would be the procedure.

First thing that was required to be done was a surgery!! easy to write but when the word 'Surgery' was first said by our doctor, we all were panic stricken.. mom never had to be operated in her life and suddenly cancer operation!!! well it wasn't something we had ever imagined..

If this wasn't enough, we were told surgeries are of two types - Mastectomy (removal of affected breasts) & Breast Conservation Surgery (BCS) (where only tumor is removed and not entire breast); Being a good doctor it was his duty to inform and advice but ultimate decision was ours.

I wanted her to go for BCS but dad denied.. Finally we went doctor for advice. What he said was simply surprising. "Why do you have to decide for her? Did you ask what she wanted?"

Though later mom decided for Mastectomy, but i was happy that it was her decision and not ours. Its her body and she should be only person to decide what should be done with it...(thank you doctor)

The day and date of operation was soon decided.. (everything what i wrote just happened in 4 days time; which means we did not really waste time for her treatment to begin)

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A very impotant point in the above experience. Sometimes, others' tend to decide for the patient. It must always be the patient who takes the decision. We can help her in that (as there is bound to be confusion between mastectomy and a conserving surgery), but is it she who must take the decision and it must be respected.

Itis good that your Mom decided what she wanted.


sumeet_shah not many doctor prove to be helpful in such cases... My mom and we were really luck to have a wonderful doctor... :)


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