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There are so many things that are essential for our body and we all know the importance of exercising, then why do we keep putting it off? Is it the word itself that makes us so tired just thinking of it?

We are Dads, moms, daughters, sons....we are busy with office, home, school. But why are we so busy? We are trying to make a career, make money so we can all live comfortable lives. How can one be so sure of comfort when the body inside is facing discomforts such as stress, obesity, high blood pressure or cancer?

I always hear doctors say that Exercise is as essential for our body as food or water. But exercising does not mean heavy weight lifting or running a marathon. Taking a 30 minute walk around the block is counted as exercise. Dancing and moving around is exercise too. Exercise could be as hard or as easy as you make it. We can do so much for our body by changing our habits that lead to lazy behavior. Get up...get going. It can save your life. :)

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Absolutely, bang on the target. Exercise is one of the most important things. Exercise is defined as, active effort of 30 to 45 minutes, over and above your routine life style, whatever it be. For example, even if you run around the whole day in your profession, you cannot get away by saying that since you do so much activity, you don't need exercise. NO! You still need to do it, with intent of pure exercise.

We brush our teeth in morning and have bath. We do not plan the previous day, 'tomorrow, I will brush my teeth in morning'. It has to be done, goes without saying! The same for exercise. Don't plan, 'tomorrow I will do exercise'. Just do it!


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