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Query on breast cancer screening

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Hi, I’m a 32 year old Indian woman. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and two of her sisters also got breast cancer. One passes away but the other is a survivor, having got it relatively at an older age.

I wanted to know whether I should start going for any tests from now to screen myself. I do regular self examination and have done a breast ultrasound most recently in 2019, which revealed no issues, but I still wanted to know what more I should do since it would seem I’m at a higher risk than average.

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You should ideally see your Mother’s Oncologist (or any Oncologist for that matter), who will guide you to a Genetic Counsellor. A Genetic Counsellor will be the right person to evaluate your risks considering family history and do the necessary testing. Based on which the Oncologist can plan for you.

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