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My mom is suffering from Breast cancer stage 1 ,right side breast is removed.she is 50 yr old. Out of 06 chemo, two have been completed with herceptin .At present there is not much side effect seen rather than hair loss. CBC found normal after first chemo.BP normal.

Her ER is - Strongly postive

PR----- Allered score -8

HER-2 Positive,score3.

Doctor advice: chemo 6 cycleand Herceptin

I m confused don't know much about this pl give your valuable suggestions.

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It’s not possible for us to give any advice on few lines of reports. It needs a detailed evaluation of patient and al her reports.

I can only tell you, don’t worry at all! Your mother will do fine. Just follow and have faith in your Oncologist. If you are not comfortable, take an opinion or change the doctor. Complete the treatment as per advice and I assure you, she will do well.


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