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Mastectomy next !

I did not write anything for last 3 months but was reading the posts in between. My wife suffers from locally advanced breast cancer Her2 Nue + She underwent 4 cycles of AC tri weekly and 12 cycles of PT weekly. Her lump disappeared and next step suggested is single mastectomy 3 weeks from now. I really do not know how I should prepare her recovery room at home. What all I need to buy et al. Any suggestions ?

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One suggestion made in my pre surgery session was to have a house coat (robe) with pockets in front. If you cut a slit on the inside of the pocket, you can run the tubing from the drain from the inside, through the back, into the pocket. That allows you to move around without having to carry the drain in one hand. I hope that makes sense.

You might also want to look at the post below this one about bras for post mastectomy patients. Every woman is different as far as how they deal with this after surgery, but it might be helpful for you to look at the options so that you can share the resources with your wife when she is ready.




Done arrangement for dresses..


Dresses/ nighties that has front buttons (Like shirts) helped a lot for me.

Preferably cotton


I found men’s shirts with double breast pockets were good until I was able to wear a bra again. Loose fitting overlays - sweaters, vests, large scarves (wraps) also.

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I am pretty sure your wife will recover soon. The drain needs to be cleaned on a daily basis and the discharge needs to be recorded. Once it goes below 30 ml for 3-4 days the drain is removed. Also I recommend to put couple of hooks like in wash room to hang the drain so that work can be performed comfortably. BTW can you please tell me the full form of "AC" when you say "4 cycles of AC". For my mom the drain was removed in 25 days due to her diabetes.


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