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Treatment option for CUPS

Hi Docs,

My Mom (age 68) was diagnosed with TNBC in Dec 2018 at forits under Dr. Boman. Went 4 weekly cycle of paclitaxel and 2 ZA. Due to severe side-effects, had to stop chemo. In April docs at TMC said this is CUPS (cancer of unknown primary) and denied the TNBC. My Questions are:

1. How come TNBC can convert to CUPS in 4 months?

2. What are the best treatments options for CUPS? My mom has metastasis in bones and pain especially in pelvis region. Also got 5 radiations in ribs 5 and 7 at TMC. Now pain in ribs are gone. but pain in the pelvis region continues.

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Impossible for anybody to comment with that limited information.

Would need detailed review...and look at every fine aspect of your mom's case, need Radiology review, need pathology review and need Multidisciplinary team meet agreement ....to give you the answer you seek


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