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I want to information about treatment for ductual carcinoma..

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  • Hello. It will be surgery, chemo & radiation. Depends upon many factors.

  • You may refer NCCN Guidelines for patients which has very simple explanations.

    You may also refer and sites for further details.

    Apart from these, Dr. Google is always there to help you.

  • My mother is daigonsed by ductual carcinoma.Her lympctomy was done on 8/11/2017. Fish report was her 2 positive. Er and Pr also positive. Now i want to information about further treatment.

  • You must consult a Medical Oncologist for further treatment. He will study the entire report in detail, assess your mother, consider all pros and cons and will advise what further treatment to be done. You must ask the Surgical Oncologist who did the surgery, he / she will refer you to a Medical Oncologist.

  • Gm sir..we consult d medical oncologist dr suggested that chemotheraphy and targeted theraphy. But nw we are in unable to take chemotheraphy because of my marriage in march month. so my mother does not want to take chemotheraphy. sir please give me suggestion for me..on considertion of my mother health and function. i am totally dipressed in condition. u r d guider for me sir.

  • Thanks for both kontak and sumeet sir..for ur valuble information

  • People react to chemotherapy differently. Do you know the specific treatment that is being recommended, and how often treatment would be given? Some find that any reaction to their treatment, if they have one, follows a pattern and that they have good periods of days or even weeks between treatments. Losing her hair might be something that your mother is concerned about, but there are many wig options - both those with real hair and those that are synthetic. Most people I know find that the real hair wigs are a nuisance to take care of. My sister in law, long after her hair grew back, still wore her wig on days she was in a hurry and just didn't want to be bothered with fixing her hair. We could never tell the difference.

    Please don't let your mother put off her treatment! I'm sure that you and your future wife would find it important that she is around for a long time, not just one day. You could discuss with your mother's doctor timing treatments so that she is most likely to feel her best the week of your wedding.

    Keep us posted, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  • Thanku for ur kind words..pkeen. i am confused about treatment plan..plz give any suggestion.

  • You really need a doctor who knows your mother's case well to advise you about treatment options. If you are unsure about the advice you are getting seeking a second opinion from a different breast oncologist can help. Be sure your mother is seeing a breast oncologist, not just a general oncologist.

  • Thank u for ur valuble suggestion pkenn..we consult medical oncologist he said that chemotheraphy and targeted theraphy for one year. nw my question is can we postponed chemo for anther two months?

  • Gm sumeet sir,

    Plz give me suggestion for me. accordong to my mother histopathology report inflirting ductual carcinoma, Margins and 6 nodes removed during d surgery are free from tumour. ER modertly positive PR strongly positive and k 67 is 20% , 63 is negative. fish report was HER 2 positive. can plan radition and herciptin with hormonal tablet for two months after this chemotheraphy will start ? Is it help to control d metasiss?

  • Sir i am waiting for ur valuble suggestion...plz

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