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Oncotype DX test in India

My wife is suffering from breast cancer and doctors have suggested a test Oncotype DX. Where should I get it done in India and its cost.

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You must ask the doctor who prescribed it to you. He will very much know where to send the sample and how to get it collected.


Dear Mr Arun Rawat,

Oncotype Dx Breast Recurrence Score Assay done in USA Genomic Health Redwood City.

In india Medilinks is a sole representative you can check google for contact & contact them if you want to do the test

For registration use your perseonal email id



We don’t give direct links of companies here, as it tends to break the communication between patient and Oncologist. Every single Oncologist in India who prescribed OncotypeDX Knows very well through whom it is done. On this forum, we prefer to encourage patients to engage with their Oncologist. Else, in this world of Google, most patients do things on their own, do not know implication of results and are completely lost after getting the report. We see these “Google Patients” day on and day out. Medilinks is indeed the only representative of OncotypeDX. And I am very much sure that the patients Oncologist also knows that and will guide to Medilinks only. But it’s essential that the patient does it with guidance of that treating Oncologist. It is not possible that the above patients Oncologist has prescribed OncotypeDX and is not willing to tell patient where it is done.


Well said

Absolutely true ,



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