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Has anyone had triple negative breast cancer? I’m two years out from it. Had a lumpectomy. Chemo therapy and radiation. Now every bone and joints hurt in my body and I am now with no energy or strength like I used to have. Has anyone suffered from this and what did you do to feel better? I’m worried that the cancer will come back or is in my body. I’ve not had a pet scan. Just blood work 6months ago and everything looked normal. I don’t feel normal and I get very depressed!! Ugg!! Any words, anyone???

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Hi daisy,I suggest u meet ur treating oncologist and share your concerns.its always better to be safe than sorry.if u have been well all these years I find no reason why u shud feel lethargic.set an appt with ur doc and have your self tested .all the best !

I’m in Atlanta Ga

Hi. I had breast cancer three years ago and underwent chemo, radiation and was declared clear. (I'm triple positive by the way). This year I felt pains in by back and bones, found walking difficult and went to see my onco, who ordered a petscan. It showed metastasis to the bones. I am now undergoing chemo again. I think you should meet your oncologist and explain the symptoms as soon as you can. Just to be on the safe side.

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