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Breast lump diagnosed


A few days ago I found I have breast cancer . The consultant says as it’s not “ small” it’s likely I will need radical treatment and he’s waiting for the histology results . All this is a huge shock .I’ve just retired after a long fulfilling and happy career in nursing and was looking forward to having some time to enjoy life in other ways.

I know I have to go through this , soon , but I’m struggling st present .the thought of having my (large) breast removed is frankly hard to process but I know I will have to accept it and pray the cancer has not gone anywhere else .


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If the tumour is unifocal, one can always try chemo first to shrink size of tumour and then still conserve the breast. I have done it for so many of my patients. Of course, there must be a reason why your Oncologist May have not advised that. Talk to him in detail about possibility of conservation.

Denizt in reply to sumeet_shah

Dear Sumeet . thank you v much for your reply . Much appreciated .As yet the histology report has not come back ( needle biopsy done Thursday last week) but the consultant in Sthampton says it’s appearance is that it’s cancer but didn’t want to talk about options until the histology report came back, so was reluctant about answering any questions I had .. I’m due to see him this coming Thursday , and will ask for a referral to Bournemouth Nuffield near where I live. . Working , nursing in psychiatric field for last 30 years I’m somewhat out of my depth with this (mostly !) physical situation

I have a slight pinching nerve under my shoulder blade like a mosquito bite . Had this for a year thinking it was possibly a mole needing to be checked so a couple of people looked at it / saw nothing . Oddly now I’ve had the biopsy on the rt breast it is more pronounced and seems to be connected .. the skin specialist said a year ago it could be a small nerve ending but not to worry . Of course this now adds to the stress . It’s rather overwhelming right now . Denizt

sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to Denizt

We are all with you. I can very well understand your situation. Let the report come, and your Oncologist will plan the treatment for you. Let me add here that, today, we have phenomenal treatments available and very effective. You will soon be fine. Just follow the treatment protocol. If you need some help, feel free to ask here as well.

As for that nerve pinching like a mosquito bite, I don’t think it has any relation to this lump.

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