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My wife is a Breast Cancer Survivor.Now her Uterine Endometrium thickened,What is the meaning?

Dear Sir,

My wife is a breast cancer survivor. Her cancer was T2N2G2 & ER/PR Negative & HER2 Positive. Her treatment (Operation,Chemo,RT & Herclon) completed one year before in April 2017. Then her menstrual cycle (which was regular before treatment) stopped & after 6 month of completing all treatment, it was restored for one cycle then again stopped. Her regular follow-up checkups are being done regularly. In the latest tests,her endometrium found 10 mm thick & after checking & giving medicines for releasing menses(By Gynecologist), menses done,again found 10 mm thick.The concerning Gynecologist (Not her Regular Oncologist) advised cleaning & biopsy of endometrium. What is suitable advice in this case.

Test Reports attached for reference please.

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I have had similar no period for 2 years after treatment then one bleed all tests normal just thickened lining samples taken normal and mild endometriosis they are planning a scope under anaesthetic it’s nothing sinister as samples were normal they think maybe a small polyp or fibroid which if there is they will remove I think it’s just good practice I had same diagnosis initially as your wife hormone negative so that’s good xx


Thanks Madam for your reply.It will be very useful & valuable for me. I think, I should go to her Medical & Surgical Oncologists for more clarification & further course of action.


S S Mishra


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