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Having pains in legs, feet and knees and feel like having fever

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i will be going for 3rd chemo in next week. but now since last week i m having pains in legs, feet and knees. Is it the side effect of chemo. i also feel like weakness and cannot do much work. i also dont have sound sleep at night . Is this also side effect of chemo.

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Did you talk to your chemo doc, shirdi? Usually I also used have these symptoms in the first few days after the chemo. It is most likely that but still better to talk to your Doc, usually preventive medicines are given too. Please find out. Dr. Sumeet will be be able to guide you better on this less sleep. I know it is a trauma difficult to overcome over the years but what to do shirdi? Take care and eat well please.

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shirdi in reply to rgci13

thanksrgci13. i know it is a trauma and it is very difficult to come out. it very badly affects to us mentally and physically and emotionally also. But still will have to over come and will have to go through all this

thanks for giving me moral support and it really helps me

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RGC13 - not only my sister but even myself is having sleepless nights - its very difficult for our whole family - just counting down the chemos and radiation when they will end

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to kontak

Cancer is a family disease. One person suffering from cancer, and the whole family is affected, in all ways - mentally, emotionally, physically, financially. It definitely takes a while to bounce back to normal from all this stress, for the entire family.

We all understand these painful side effects and so wish they were not there, but I can tell you, chemotherapy improves survival significantly, and for all this suffering, we are gaining a lot too! Keep this in mind and just count the days. Slowly and steadily, all the treatment will be over, your sister will be fine and will spring back to normal again.

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It is the side effect of chemo. Chemo causes body ache, feverish feel occasionally.

Cover yourself with a good pain killer during this period. You can take a pain killer up to three times a day, depending on strength. These symptoms usually last for a day or two at the most and all the symptoms will slowly go away.

Make it a point to drink lots of fluids. That will surely help.

For the sleep part, once your other symptoms get settled, sleep will settle too. It is usually, not a good thing to take sleeping pills, but you may, if you wish to, for a day or two.

Let us know whether your ache is improving or not. Take care.

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shirdi in reply to sumeet_shah

thanks a lot Dr. Sumeet. i will follow ur suggestions.

thanks a lot

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shirdi in reply to sumeet_shah

Hello Dr. Sumeet

i have completed third chemo last week. but ache is still there. though i managed without any medicine. I had increased liquid diet but still have some pain continuously and feel tired to some extent. Sir i have also swelling in handon which chemo is given like before though i applied thormbophob. Shall i take Chymoral Forte for decreasing swelling and whether it will help me.

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to shirdi

1. If body ache persists, don't hesitate to take pain killers. Few pain killers don't matter much and they make you comfortable.

2. For the swelling on hand, Thrombophobe or Hirudoid ointment may help. Chymoral Forte may not be of much help there.

3. Tiredness will surely go away slowly, do not worry. Eat proper food. You may not feel like eating much. In that case, you can take more frequent, smaller quantity meals.

Shirdi, are you on Taxol? Taxol made me feverish and gave me all the symptoms that you have mentioned above. This will slowly go away. Do talk to your doctor about it though. Dr. Sumeet makes some great points here. Drink a lot of fluids and never hold yourself from going to the bathroom because you need to flush the chemo out of your body.

Yeah shirdi take his suggestion and if necessary take a pill too. Sleep is important. I used to do so too under doc' advise. Is there a psychiatry centre in your hospital . They are of great help too, but be careful with the meds. Take care dear and have a safe chemo next week and let us know how you are when you can.

thanks rgc13

i will have to ask for psychiatry center in the hospital and will ask doctor whether i really need it. actually while doing anxialla clearance counseling was done by one of the doctor and it really helped me but still again all the things come in mind.

i will surely let all know about my pains and chemo

dear shirdi,just keep thinking of the good times to come after the treatment,i know its easier said then done but still keep smiling this phase will also passby.have faith in the almighty and ur doc.take care and keep us posted all our prayers are with you.

thanks mintzz

i m really waiting for the time to come after treatment. frankly speaking i get fed up with the treatment as everyday starts with some problem. but think that as good time never stays with us bad time also will pass away. thanks for ur prayers and i know it will really work


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Shirdi - pl donot take tension - a day will come when you will come out of this. Now very few days are remaining for the difficult time

shirdi, my chemo is yet to begin. i dont know what to tell you. please know that i want to say good morning to you everyday.

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to napra

Hi napra,

Welcome to the forum. There are already a few here, who are either themselves undergoing chemo, or their relatives are! It's always good to be together and share your experiences. There are many others here who have braved this disease, and you will always get the best of help.

So welcome to the family. You are not alone, we are all together with you.

Any doubts, any problems, let us know.

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napra in reply to sumeet_shah

hi there,

i guess you are a doc. on the night of my masactomy, my BP dipped to 80-40, urine output was nil and i was shifted to ICU and revived. got discharged within 5 days, but the complications did not end there. it was found out that blood had clotted in the surgery spot, and i had to go through another operation to solve the problem. Two surgeries in the same spot within a gap of 13 days has taken its toll on my confidence. got discharged just yesterday. but what is bugging me is the complete dryness in my mouth during nights. i keep sipping water whenever i wake up. in the daytime there is no problem. why does this happen to me? could it be because i snore?

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sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to napra


Are you on any medication which causes dryness of mouth? Apart from that, I cannot explain why the dryness. Maybe just related to climate (though why then it doesn't occur in day time). Anyways, I would suggest you keep yourself hydrated and it should settle down.

Also, I understand the trauma you must have gone through due to these two surgeries. But what I see is, you have come out of a serious situation in the ICU and you are now well; that's good! You are a fighter. Keep up the spirit!

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shirdi in reply to napra

hi napra

i can understand u what u must be going through. dear due to summer and medications it may have happened as Dr. Shah has told u. i remember if we have temperature and take medicine still we feel dehydrated and when we are going through all this we are mentally disturbed also. dear i had also gone through three surgeries in a month and believe me trust in god, support from family and friends and our own will power helps us to come out of the same. pray to god to help u to come out of the same. i know this is very difficult time we are going through but atleast have a hope that once the treatment is started it will finish also very soon

Dear take care and keep informing and i know every one from this forum will help u to come out of every problem

Hi napra,

I wish you well. Hugs and prayers. Please feel free to share all your concerns. Dr. Sumeet and these lovely friends here will definitely help you with your concerns.


hi my dear friends out there,

Tomorrow moring is the chemo port and the first chemo. will the side effects start as soon as the chemo infusion is over?

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PK53 in reply to napra


I am astonished to hear you are having the port and the chemo the same day. I had port two days earlier than the chemo start date, although my oncologist said the port incision area was healed, i had terrible pain and due to chemo my platelets came down and it took almost 10 days for me to heal. Still the bruise is there and not healed. I just finished my second chemo on September 10th.

All i can say is be strong to embrace the new you, and the pain and stay hydrated all the time... keep sipping water as it clears of the toxin soon from your system and you will feel better within in few days. First two to seven days are hard....but you will get through that.

With Prayers & Regards


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shirdi in reply to napra

hi napra

pray to god to give u strength to face every thing. dear when we have any problem we will have to solve and come out of it .

dear i was also confused like u but this forum helped me a lot to over come the problems. share with this forum u wil be helped by all in this forum. i have finished 3 chemos and 3 are more left. previously i was having fear like u but now have the courage that i will face it. be positive and u will easily come out of it.

all the best

take care. u can share ur experience

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napra in reply to shirdi

thank u shirdi.

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Hi Napra - do share us what is the status or what the problems you are having. My sister had a tumor in her left breast and done surgery. Is undergoing chemo

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napra in reply to kontak

thank u kontak

Hey dear this sure sounds like my dear friend 'docetaxel'...I have spent lot of moments trying to understand its kindness... while each person has an individual reaction to the drug...important thing to remember is that this too shall pass dear.While my friends from hospital were prancing around during the chemo I would inadverently get admitted once my FEC got over n docetaxel came into my life.Took some months after the chemo to get rid of the pains....so hang on n take care

Hugs Richa

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napra in reply to Richa25

thank you Richa

Shirdi so you completed 3 chemos successfully, GREAT! Hope the rest will go well too, how are your pains etc after the 3rd chemo? God bless you and napra. A disease we all have to fight together. Take enough rest both of you. Thanks.

thanks rgci13

i m fine after 3rd chemo. had some nausea for 1st week but now ok.

will be going for next chemo on nxt monday. pains are still there but till today i can manage it.swelling on hand is also there. dr. sumeet suggested me and using thermorab


The name reminds me of my guru Shirdi Sai Baba.....My prayers are with you.

I had Docetaxol and Neupogen injection. Both of them are famous for muscle pain.....yes first few days are horrible both emotionally, mentally and physically....i tear the calendar everyday to countdown and to tell me one day is over in this journey...with the pain, i will walk for 30 mts... i did not stop my small gentle yoga postures even though my mind will say don't do it.....that is the part you have to overcome....to take control of your mind and heart. Keep a routine that will distract yourself from your pain....if you are really immobile..lie down or sit down with light soothing music around you. I will get so irritated if my husband ask me any question.....i will tell him "can i reply later as i am in silence now"....so it is a battle between inner you, chemo medicine, and outside.....emotionally tearing, but you will overcome this....

I don't know how many more chemo you have, I have two more to go and i have experienced different side effects every time...and it shattered my confidence ......but i raise up every day to face this.....so now-a-days my task is to plan, every day to cook small simple meals, how to manage/distract the pain, either by exercising, reading books, watching certain TV shows, or going out to not much crowded place.....hard to sleep at night , so everyday before i go to bed, i listen to very relaxing music and it just puts me to sleep....i will wake up in the middle of night and will struggle to go back to sleep again...then the pattern continues and i sleep in early morning and wake up late.....so stick to routine but don't worry if you are not able to follow....give yourself a pat every time you were able to do something on your list....that will boost the confidence and I make my list everyday morning like a ritual....sounds strange....but this is my coping up strategy



yes i had six cycles of chemo. But i used to attend my office regularly which helped me to over come the side effects very soon. pray to sai baba that u wil also be out of treatment very soon. Not get sound sleep is the because of continous thinking in our mind and it is normal. But be positive it helps us a lot.

Take care

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Hi Shirdi - nice to hear you on this forum - don't take tensions - everything will be fine. Take care of your baby

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