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My Mother diagnosed with BC

My mother diagnosed with BC and got surgery of lumpectomy after that report of biopsy are here.

Pathologic stage :

- pT2 (m) pN0 (AJCC).

Tumor size:

- 2.7x1.3x1.2cms – Largest nodule. - 1.1x1.0x1.0cm- Smallest nodule.

Histological type :

- Infiltrating duct carcinoma with medullary-like features.

Histological grade :

- Grade III(Scarff-Bloom-Richardson grading scheme - Tubule formation- 3, Nuclear pleomorphism- 3, Mitotic rate- 2, Total score- 8).

ER - 5(Percentage of cells- >95%) + 3(Intensity of staining)= Total score - 8.

PgR - 5(Percentage of cells- >95%) + 3(Intensity of staining)= Total score - 8.

HER2 – 1+.

Ki67 labelling index – 35-40%


1. ER - Positive.

2. PgR - Positive.

3. HER2 – Negative.

4. Ki67 labeling index – High

Please Advice what is the next best treatment should be given after surgery.



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As far aS I understand it's stage 1 unless if ahe has any other symptoms pertaining to other systems.The grading is 3.But good point here is ER PR Positive ,so treatable relatively easily.Starrt her treatment ASAP as per your Oncologist planning and boost her morale ,tell her that her disease is treatable though it is difficult to go through the agony of surgery chemo and radiations.And later on anti estrogen therapy will help reduce all the chances of cancer coming back.

Do follow your doctor's advice.


Thanks for your support.


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