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difference in LFT

difference in LFT

My mom(50 yrs) stage 2a completed 4 ac chemos and 7 pacli+ trastuzumab tomorrow she is about to take next cycle of TH(pacli+ trastuzumab ) chemo we got some difference in LFT report.iam worried.sir DR. SUMEET and ROHIT can you plz tell wats the reason for this.previously

last week (14/1/2018) now(21/01/2018)


*DIRECT BILURUBIN 0.22 mg/dl changed to 0.20

*INDIRECT BILURUBIN 0.21 mg/dl changed to 0.23

*SGPT 24 IU/L changed to 12

* SGOT 21 IU/L changed to 15

*ALKALINE PHOSPHATE 90 IU/L changed to 78

*SERUM PROTEINS 7.6 gm/dl changed to 7.3

*SERUM ALBUMIN 4.2 gm/dl changed to 4.4

*SERUM GLOBULIN 3.4 gm/dl changed to 2.9

*A/G RATIO 1.2 changed to 0.6

there is more difference in A/G ratio .what is the reason

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It’s normal. Nothing to worry.

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thank you very much for the quick reply sir


You are making life difficult for yourself Sir. You are hunting for problems when there are none. Let your oncologist worry.

You are taking tension unnecessarily.

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There are many things that can affect labs - morning or afternoon - before or after a meal - before or after exercise - and on and on. How the blood is handled can change things. Also, even different machines in the same lab can be calibrated differently. I have had the same labs drawn twice, same butterfly needle, within seconds of each other and had some values come back in range and some just out of range. If there is a big jump that can't be explained or is of concern, your mother's doctor would probably redo the labs. Lab errors also happen. And of course treatments can affect lab numbers. Your mother's doctor will know when that is of concern and may wait a little longer between treatment, adjust doses, or change medications. As my hematologist once gently reminded me, when I had spend a lot of time searching Dr. Google for answers to something, I am missing one thing when I do that - a degree in medicine. I personally get copies of all of my labs, and ask a lot of questions, but I have learned to look at trends over time. My doctor gets to consider the finer points and whether any action needs to be taken.

Let us know how your mother does!