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Herceptin-(trastuzumab) cost in Vijayawada or Hyderabad


My Name is Srinu Naik

Hi everyone, my sister (Aged 40 Years) confirmed with HER-2/neu 3+ after surgery and our oncologist advised to go for Herceptin with (trastuzumab) 17 no with 8 cycles of chemotherapy. Could you please advise me what is the cost of this medicine in Vijayawada-Andhra Pradesh or Hyderabad -Telangana. This week chemotherapy going to start.

Can you please help me in this regard cost and availability of this medicine in Andhra Pradesh ( Vijayawada) or Telangana (Hyderabad) and any contact no or any company representative.

Please help me she is only 40 years old and two childrens with 11 years and 8 years.

My contact details,

B Srinu Naik

Mobile no: 8885512275 & 9949039436

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Hello Srinu. You can ask your oncologist to guide you for the dealer /distributor definitely you will get discount.

srinunaik in reply to kontak

Thank you very much your prompt reply. We have discussed with our Oncologist, based on our discussion each costs around Rs. 58000 and it seems to be unbearable for us and discount is for 4 injections 1 injection is free. Could please help me. My brother in law is working in state govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Is there any chance reimbursement.


Srinu Naik

kontakTeamBCI in reply to srinunaik

Yes I think he will get it reimbursed from the govt. Ask him to enquire with his HR Dept

srinunaik in reply to kontak

Thank you for your immediate reply. Please help me if any more useful information if have.

URao in reply to srinunaik

Can you please confirm whether it is 4 injections + 1 free or 6 injections + 1 free. I am enrolled in Blue Tree Program for my Mom and they are currently offering 6 +1.

Hi Naik,

My wife was given HERCEPTIN - biceltis

Which costed 58200/- for 440 mg, I paid this price for 5 cycles and the 6th cycle cost me 61000/- due to GST. In the market it is available for 40000/- at Chennai, just place your query at indiamart. Com and the pharmacy companies will call you with different prices. But make sure your oncologist and your hospital will agree to this,

srinunaik in reply to Sidduram

Thank you very much.

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