My mother is her2 + and requires herceptin for treatment. I have been given two alternatives.. As follows ;

1 . BICELITIS ... Rs 75000... Imported

2. CANMAB..... Rs 57000... Indian

The overall difference in cost amounts to rs 3 Lakh plus... Is this difference justified ? ... Or statistically there is no difference in the drug... Please help me in making the decision as I have make arrangements for the funds ...

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  • Hi ramdatsal - lets wait for doctors advice

  • Dear as such there is no difference between these...they just made by different company..u can choose anyone as per your of luck..

  • Hello,You can go ahead with Canmab.My mother has got 13 doses of canmab and the pet scan report is also good.

  • Thanks.... i'll see what can be done

  • Hi DebRoy

    I am Her2 positive and i need Canmab

    You seems you know Canmab quite well

    please help me for few questions

    1.Is that canmab as good as herceptin eventhough it is biosimilar?

    2. I am from Mongolia, so how can i buy and how many i can buy one time, they said you can store for 1 month, that is mean i need to buy once every 3 week?

    3. Please help to buy and how much per injection etc

    Thank you very much


  • I am sorry to understand your situation and hope you get through it in good health. I continued my mom's treatment with bicelitis and she has currently completed 6 cycle out of 12 and almost resumed her normal life. Hence i cannot comment on usage of canmab or hertaz (Retailed aprx @ Rs 43000). Currently bicelitis is retailed @ Rs. 58,000(inclusive of all taxes). It would be advisable to buy herceptin through your oncologist and let competent clinic staff handle storage of such drug, as they require specific storage condition and shelf life. Also, based on your body weight, your oncologist will calculate the amount of herceptin to be injected per cycle and accordingly you will know the amount of 440 mg or 140mg vial required. Hope this has cleared your doubts. Best of luck and take care.

  • Thank you soo much for your reply and best wishes


  • One more. Option is there Hertaz by nylon and biocon company .I am taking that its 43000

  • Thks

  • Do you buy them directly or the treatment centre gets them for you.?

  • Dr has given the med rep s pH no ,so far he is providing directly.In this they give 4+1visl Free scheme contact ur dr

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