My mother is her2 + and requires herceptin for treatment. I have been given two alternatives.. As follows ;

1 . BICELITIS ... Rs 75000... Imported

2. CANMAB..... Rs 57000... Indian

The overall difference in cost amounts to rs 3 Lakh plus... Is this difference justified ? ... Or statistically there is no difference in the drug... Please help me in making the decision as I have make arrangements for the funds ...

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  • Hi ramdatsal - lets wait for doctors advice

  • Dear as such there is no difference between these...they just made by different company..u can choose anyone as per your of luck..

  • Hello,You can go ahead with Canmab.My mother has got 13 doses of canmab and the pet scan report is also good.

  • Thanks.... i'll see what can be done

  • One more. Option is there Hertaz by nylon and biocon company .I am taking that its 43000

  • Thks

  • Do you buy them directly or the treatment centre gets them for you.?

  • Dr has given the med rep s pH no ,so far he is providing directly.In this they give 4+1visl Free scheme contact ur dr

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