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My M-I-L having Breast cancer

My mother in law is having breast cancer and was undergoing treatment, after few courses of chemotherepy, now doctors said it has reached Cervical bone and only solution is injection therepy every 21 days for rest of life. Pl guide.

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Hello Kapil. Its really disturbing to note the condition of your Mother in Law. Lets wait for our team of Doctors to reply


Probably sounds that it has also read a little (to the bones). Hence the doctors have advised injections. I don’t think they would be ‘life long’. I suggest that you must sit with your Oncologist and ask him the following:

1. Stage of the disease

2. Plan of treatment.

3. When will they review the stage dur By treatment by doing a PET.

Also, the treatment which they offer, ask them in detail about the side effects of the medicines and precautions to be taken

We have seen lot of good responses even in advanced stages. So don’t worry just go ahead and start the treatment. If any confusion, take an opinion from another Oncologist

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I would suggest she has a second and even 3rd opinion


If it were me I would look for a second opinion from a breast oncologist if possible. Whether with her current oncologist or someone else, Dr. Shah has outlined the important points to discuss.


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