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Olaparib (TNBC and BRCA1)


Can someone through some light on 'olaparib' for TNBC and BRCA1 like

- is this available in India

- how effective it is

- approximate cost



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This is a PARP inhibitor oral drug and 1/4 ongoing trials has been reported so far called OlympiAd Trial, where 300 pts very enrolled with Mets Breast Cancer who had failed anthracycline and Taxane based Chemo.

Key findings showed greater efficacy of the drug in Triple Negative Breast cancer where 60% shrinkage (response) was seen compared to 30% seen with traditional chemo.

The progression free survival for TNBC women was 7 months with Olaparib Vs 4.2 months with Traditional chemo.

Probability of being alive at 1 year was around 42%

The side effects were more favourable with Olaparib.

Physicians over the world still await more data from the other three trials before accepting this as new standard treatment.

Olaparib is currently available in India It has USFDA approval.for Ovarian cancer (specific indication).

In breast cancer it is off label indication as of now.

Cost varies a lot

Original Brand Vs Generic Brand

1 lakh to 35 k



Is olaparib suggested by your onco? please can you share more details on how you have been suggested and what stage?



Yes it's available in India and Keytruda as well... Olaparib is almost a lac rupees 100 mg and Keytruda is 2.36 lac 100 mg appreciate. Keytruda my sis took 3 shots but didn't suit her and the disease metastasized...

Harpreet singh


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