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Clarification for breast cancer

Hi Drs,

My Mom is undergoing breast cancer treatment as told told by Dr its in Advanced stage.

Now she completed 4 cycles of chemo and then Operation (removed the tumor) and Dr is suggested to continue Chemos.

Some one told me its not advised to do the operation in advance stage of cancer.

Please suggest or share me any related information.

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I am sorry, it is impossible to comment on these questions without physically examining the patient and going through all the reports in detail. Decisions in cancer treatment cannot be done by reading a few lines of text which you have mentioned above. It takes 20 minutes to half an hour for us to assess a patient in detail including reports. Any form of medical advice is absolutely beyond the scope of this forum. I can only tell, that if you are not fully satisfied with your doctor's decision, you can take a second opinion from another Oncologist in your area.


You either listen to your Oncologist who has probably spend decades in this field and sees patients in and out.

OR listen to someone...

You cant have it both ways...

if you are in doubt, seek another opinion from an Oncologist.


The way I understand it the surgery is now in the past and completed? That is always a good idea, unless the tumor has some complexity that renders it impossible to carry out surgery, or it has spread so much that it will worsen her general health so she cannot fight the other places it has spread to.

Feel free to share the details via my email address, if you want. I am not an oncologist, but I know the details of the clinical decision rules that oncologists must follow.

Kind regards,


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