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Foods post surgery

My mother has undergone breast cancer surgery. She has now started her chemo sessions. Do you feel lot of weakness after chemo session. She wants to know what foods she should avoid now. Can she have lentils?? Thanks

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The most difficult part of the treatment has just begun for your mother.However,if you take due care in terms of diet and yoga it will help her a lot.

In terms of diet for the first few days after chemo it will be difficult for her to digest food. Therefore it is advisable to eat foods which are light on the stomach- khichdi/Dalia etc should be given in plenty.Avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits in the form of salads.Fresh juices also should be avoided and she should drink lots of packed juices.

Also a serving of aloe vera juice everyday will boost her cell count and prevent infections associated with chemotherapy


Thank you so much..


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