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Line of treatment for tripple negative breast Cancer, stage III A

My mother is prognosed with IDC, Rt breast, grade 3, tripple negative, stage IIB or III A, Er+ 5%, Pr -ve, HER2 neu -ve , post lumpectomy modified radical mastectomy was done. Now chemotherapy has been started,

What should be standard line of treatment, daily routine, food and diet ??

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Standard treatment is Usually AC (or FEC) x 4 dense dose, and then Taxol / Docetaxel / Nabpaclitaxel / Abraxane x 4 Dense Dose (or 12 weekly Taxol). If your mother has a BRCA mutation (which can be done with a simple blood test and analysis of her family tree), then adding Carboplatin to her dose of Dense Dose Taxol would be advised. Even otherwise, adding Carboplatin may be advised to the Paclitaxel element of the dense dose cycle. (you can discuss the order of the treatment wit your doctor / caretaker)

You can look up what AC, FEC, and such acronyms stand for online.

Here is the standard. But speak to your doctor and breast physician.

In terms of food, your mother should eat what she can. During chemo, there aren't too many restrictions per se, but she should eat nutritious meals. Maybe cut down on sugar, but otherwise eat anything she can keep in. It is not advised to take too many supplements during chemo, as Liver Numbers are affected with chemo, so if you decide to take any kind of supplements, please discuss with your doctor first. Liver numbers are monitored before every chemo cycle so if you take anything that impacts the liver, it could impact taking the chemo, so discuss everything in terms of supplements or other medication with your doctor.

Other than that, just give your mother a lot of love, care and affection. Routine, if she has energy, you can take light walks, strolls. If she has any symptoms such as vomiting, difficulty eating or keeping down food, neuropathy, then tell her doctor. If she cannot eat well, they will give her nutirion via drip. So keep tabs on every symptom she expresses in a diary and discuss with your doctor. You can also read about general symptoms to expect with each chemo online, and your doctor can give you a long list of symptoms to expect. Discuss in detail so that you can help your mother.

Take good care.


Thank you so much made2b2gether for your guidance. 2 cycles AC chemotherapy has been done. She has been almost fine, tiredness, dizziness is there, major issue she faces, is sometimes nausea/heartburn/ acid reflux/ acidity. So, Is this due to acidic food intake ??

I mean we are giving her good protein diet, including sufficient milk, soya, other beans, etc. We are giving her well washed and boiled fruit juices, Pomegranates, apple, mosambi etc.

I will also post details of her doses and CBC reports during chemotherapy.


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