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ER positive Breast cancer

I was having palpable lump in right breast. Performed FNAC and got the reports positive for malignant cell. Operated twice first lumpectomy and then mastectomy as the reports were positive for all margins after lumpectomy. After mastectomy reports are negative for malignant cells. Out of 5 Lymphnodes 2 were involved. Took 7 cycle of chemotherapy n one is remaining. After that 25 lights are suggested for radiation therapy. After that doctor said that I have to take one tablet for 10 years. I am 37years old. Got married last year. On my first anniversary I was in icu after mastectomy... Is it possible to have a baby for me or not?

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Welcome Anaa to this forum.

Of course your oncologist would be the best person to guide you through this. Needless to say, that you first need to complete your Radiation and perhaps start with Tamoxifen for few months.

In 2018, once you are well settled and doing well, at your follow up visit, this topic needs further touching upon.

The Basic Answer to your question is " YES " you can have a Baby

However, before this decision, one needs to carefully balance the Risks and how to time it the best.

Having a child after breast cancer treatment does not appear to lower a woman’s chances for long-term survival, however there are theoretical risks of being off HORMONE therapy for a while, which one needs to understand and accept.

The other issue is about the fertility, and the probability of chemotherapy affecting and knocking off the ovarian function. In general, the younger you are, the higher are the chances of fertility returning back.

Also remember, you need to be at least 2 months off Tamoxifen at the minimum, before you conceive as this time is needed for the drug to be flushed off from your body.

Wish you all the best

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Thanks for replying. Hope for the best.


I agree with Dr. Rohit above. Just one question. Any chance that you have done ovum banking or ovum retrieval, before starting chemotherapy?


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