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Treatment of Post RT Scars

Sir, my wife is a patient of breast cancer(Left breast), having ER/PR negative & HER2 positive. Her MRM & general chemo completed & maintenance Trastuzumab (1 year course) is continued since last 6 months.

Her RT (25 fractions) is also completed. After completion of RT, her skin got post RT scars on all treated area (including armpit) & outer skin is almost weathered.Concerning doctor advice for application of a special ink only & not any other treatment. Although these scars are getting healed,recovered slowly & improvement shown,but, I want to know that for fast recovery, may she use some anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory powders on it or not. Please advise me.

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I had very mild scarring

But I was advised not to use any cream

I kept it dry with corn starch

And healed perfectly


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