Got Histopathology Report( small) of my wife required to understand it

.today I got her biopsy report which impression as Infiltrating duct carcinoma.NOS, Grade I(Scarff Bloom - Richardson grading scheme- Tubule formation 3,Nuclear pleomorphism-1,Mitiotic rate-1, Total Score 5...can this be explained to me please?..My oncologist says the stage will be known only after. PET Scan.t hanks in advance..Prahlad Bangalore..

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  • I am sorry it is beyond the scope of this forum to explain this. It takes me fifteen minutes to sit with my patients and explain the histopathology report to me patients. You can imagine writing in words what we talk for fifteen minutes. We request you that you please sit with the Oncologist who operated upon her and talk in detail.

  • ok sir ..thanks..but cud you pls let me know whether the Grade I ..found in histopathology report is moderate or alarming?

  • Grade 1 implies slow growing tumors. So it's considered good. Don't worry. Just go ahead with whatever treatment your Oncologist suggests. Your wife will be all fine soon.

  • Thanks lots for the valuable suggestion feeling a relief..i ll go ahead with the teatement suggested...pls dont mind if I share my conerns i nthisforum..

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