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Dilemma about chemotherapy for T1a

Hi, i am 48 yrs operated for Rt DCIS: MASTECTOMY with Sentinel node biopsy done on 6th May. HPE report states 5x5x5.5 cm hard nodular mass. All margins are free. Extensive intraductal carcinoma nuclear grade3, solid, comedo & cribriform types. Multiple foci of microinvasive carcinoma grade III. single focus of invasive breast CA 0.2 cm. Lymphovascular emboli or perineural invasion not seen. 2 nodes negative.

Overlying skin shows focal paget's disease.

ER/ PR Negative

CerbB2 positive score 3+

Ki-67 -30%

I gather i am T1a Stage 1

My dilemma is whether i should take chemotherapy or no since there are no guidelines in NCCN. kindly guide me Dr Rohit & Dr Sumeet

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This is a very individualized decision and may vary from person to person depending on many other factors. This cannot be discussed on an email or a Whatsapp or forum. Cancer treatment is a very very delicate issue and cannot be decided by seeing just one report. It needs patient assessment as a whole and many other things. Our sincere suggestion is sit with your Oncologist, and discuss in detail. Your Oncologist is the right person to guide you here.


Ok, thanks for the prompt reply Dr Shah. Appreciate it. Could you please tell me what is the risk of recurrence with and without chemotherapy in T1a BC?

Also does the survival statistics change with chemotherapy?


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