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Pain under breast

Hello Dr sumèet

First of all a big thnk u for always answering my questions. I have completed my radiation 33 rounds. BT after radiation I m experiencing pain under affected breast and on the side of breast also. All tests done dexa scan chest x-ray USG breasts all blood tests. All came out normal by God's grace. It's been 5 mnths after lumpectomy. Y the pain now. I always get worried if it hasn't gone to my bones. N is dexa useful in diagnosis of bone mets?

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The pain is a fairly common symptom, which many patients keep on getting even long after surgery. It is due to irregular regeneration of nerves, which were cut during surgery. It keeps coming on and off. I would not worry about it. However, if it does not settle over a week and it disturbs your daily activities, I suggest you meet you Surgical Oncologist and let him have a look.


Thnk u so mch sir


Also ask about appropriate stretching exercises. My surgery was in 2007. I recently noticed discomfort where the lymph nodes were removed. I realized that I have not been doing things that stretched that area, and my doctor agreed that the solution is gentle stretching. Much better now.



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