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Herceptin rather CanMab

My Wife is receiving TCH Chemo (other details in my other post earlier). In her first chemo doctor have given CanMab instead of Herceptin. It was a surprise for me (and disturbed me) as all along I was discussing Herceptin (Roche' The Blue Tree program, estimate  etc), also no where CanMab was mentioned/discussed before. 

I am more inclined for Herceptin rather CanMab. So What next?

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Lets wait what our Doctors want to tell


If you are prepared to pay for the Roche product, Herceptin, it is surprising that your doctor gave CanMab. I have taken the latter on my doc's assurance that it would do as well. The difference in price is enormous, but I presume if you can afford it, you should have been given Herceptin. The docs can throw more light on this.


You need to speak to your doctor perhaps.

Perhaps you need to see what you ve been charged for... Canmab (Biocon)  or Herceptin (Roche)

You need to let the doctors know about this switch and the fact you were not informed about it.

You perhaps need to settle this with the oncologist and seek an explanation there.


I was charged for Canmab (Biocon) only. Though I had told duty doctor and wrote feedback, I am waiting for the (common friend)  Doctor in same hospital to return from his trip to discuss it further.

Roche gives 13th and 17th vial of Herceptin free, will have to see how to get these two vial free. 

Before starting Chemo cycle, I had asked one another doctor her view on Canmab, She said if you can afford it you should go for Herceptin, but  should not be deprived on medication because of fund in that case Canmab definitely be taken. 

Is there any reference on  comparison of bio-similar vs original? Also doctors' personal view on this subject?



As a rule of the forum, we do not direct or outrightly support or refute any company, it becomes unethical and it amounts to openly endorsing one company and refuting other. And apart from being unethical, it ends up creating confusion for so many other people who visit this forum and read it. We get more than 5000 views per month and many people read all this. You need to understand this point. Please discuss all these with your Oncologist. 


I understand your point. My Question was not CanMab vs Herceptin,  rather  bio-similar vs original. What approval and trial level I should look for bio-similar  , what are difference references I can read? I am not looking for any judgement for this or that. 


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