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Hope its help

I have experience from my uncle about vitamin B17 which helped him a lot with cancer. You can´t get it in common but you can get some from apricot seeds, but carefully with it they includes a little portion of kyanid (best if you make plan for consumption, he using 25 per day ( I think body weight matters so dont give childrens 25 or you poison them)). So i wanted to share my experience, i hope its help you could try it with your current therapy and maybe its help you....

There is more people but you could find them by your self on youtube and like that...

And at the end one recommandation from web:


NO! What a lot of people do not consider when choosing an apricot kernel supplier is that apricot kernels (like all oil seeds) are very susceptible to moulds if not immediately dried to reduce the moisture levels that will inhibit mould growth.

One very dangerous mould that apricot kernels are susceptible to is aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is a fungus, a mycotoxin that is very toxic and carcinogenic to humans. It is known that chronic exposure will lead to a high chance of developing liver cancer. (ref: wikipedia)

It is not often easy to spot as the kernel husk (skin) can conceal the mouldy flesh underneath. The best way to avoid ingesting this toxic fungus is to not purchase kernels that are not assured that they have been dried immediately to a moisture level of under 7% within 48 hours of removal from the fruit and then stored in weatherproof conditions to keep moisture levels safe. So please take care when looking to purchase any fruit kernel.

So for the best buy fresh apricots and get kernel from them….

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Hi marius - thanks for sharing


I would be very careful about the use of apricot seeds. I would certainly discuss it with your doctor before trying it, as some natural remedies can change the effect of chemotherapy drugs and other medications. There are patients with various cancers who think this has helped them, but there is also the story of Laetrile, based on apricot seeds, which many swore by and which did not help,them.



I am completely agree with you pkenn


But i not talking about Laetrile, i talking about pure apricot seed not about chemical modification called Laetrile. There is difference between them !


Laetrile has very different structure from natural ( studying on internet and library)..


Marius14 - I understand that you are talking about something different, and as I said,,I know people with leukemia, which it also have, who have tried apricot seeds and think it has helped. My feeling about all supplements is that it is important to discuss them with your doctor. Vitamin D and B12 are two vitamins that many do not process correctly and that doctors are studying. I tested very low for both and supplement them, but only working with my doctor who tests my levels every 3 months and adjusts my dose as needed. My dose is very different from the dose needed by others I know who have tested low.

Many in the leukemia world believe that green tea and Curcumin help to keep their counts stable. Some doctors think it's worth trying, some don't think it helps but feel it can't hurt, and some think it's a waste of money. Regardless of the doctor's opinion, it's important that the doctor knows what the patient is taking.

With any supplement I believe it is important to include your doctor. If your labs show something and your doctor is not aware of all of your medications, he/she might make adjustments that would not be the right thing. Also, medications and natural supplements can affect the effectiveness of various medications and chemo therapies, either increasing or decreasing the effect, and this can be dangerous. One that few would think of, but is well known in the medical world, is grapefruit and grapefruit based products (and Seville Oranges, usually found in Marmelade).

Just my opinion.



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