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Use of AC in case of HER2 positive breast cancer

Hello Dr Sumeet,

I have read on the net that there are 2 schools of thought regarding the use of AC in case of HER2 positive breast cancer.

One school of thought is that since a taxane and use of herceptin gives equally good results in such cases, there is no need to use AC for treating such type of breast cancers.

On the other hand another school of thought believes that since AC has been used in the treatment of breast cancer since ages, it should be used.

Is there any latest study regarding this, so that I can discuss it with my oncologist.

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Presently, among the various chemotherapy protocols, AC plus taxane is the best protocol, whether HER2 positive or not. We avoid AC, only when the lady has an underlying heart illness or Adriamycin / Epirubicin cannot be given for some reason. In those situations, TC is a commonly (6 cycles of Docetaxel plus Cyclophosphamide) used protocol. As of now, there is no role of a single agent paclitaxel only, along with Herceptin. Deviation from routine protocols should be done only in a trial setting.


Thanks for your reply doctor.

I met my oncologist yesterday, he said after 12th dose of taxol, they will take a call of whether to do surgery or to finish with the chemo (AC). He will discuss it with the surgeon. For now he advised to complete with paclitaxel.


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