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Dr Sumeet shah

This is a nice interview of Dr Sumeet with an attempt to make awareness in India

We really need the public movement in India for BC.After I had diagnosed with cancer people always ask me about bc, and I find they have so much fear in mind for bc, I always tell them if they find anything then don't be panic ,it doesn't mean run for mammo, see the oncologist because mammo is not recommended before 40's ,not only this there are so many myths in our society, people generally have a mind set that bc means breast removal, BC means hereditory cancer.

We all can now bring change in our society for BC.And,together we can fight cancer.

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Rana you said correctly, lack of awareness is biggest hurdle for the treatment of BC bcu of this we all isolated from our society and always in depression mode...bcu we don't want to share this with anyone....even my wife is not going to her parents house which is in the same city...she said lot of neighbor come to her can i handle them...and this kind of problem increase the mental pain....definitely we have to think in this direction along with better treatment...bcu support from our society is also play very important role in more thing we should not think we are cancer survivor bcu we are not survivor we are cancer fighter/worrier!!!


Yes Manish rightly said - we all will have to fight - the society is the same all over - keep on questioning - only awareness is reqd


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