Dr Sumeet, My mother has been prescribed earlier Docetaxel 140mg with Herceptin 480mg in 4 th Cycle. Her Weight is 64 kg and BSA is 1.7 sq m with BMI is 24.09 kg / sq m. Oncologist in 5 th Cycle has prescribed Docetaxel 160 mg and Herceptin 380 mg. It seems that she has reduced the Herceptin Dosage by 100 mg and increased the Docetaxel Dosage by 20 mg. Sir, Is the prescribed protocol is O K and can we go ahead. The next Cycle is on 28.01.2014.

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  • I will discuss once with my Medical Oncologist colleague and get back. But I am sure, she has changed the doses to suit your mothers profile. Will let you know by tomorrow

  • If I remember from my time the first dose of herceptin is given with a loading dose and subsequently the dosage is reduced n calculated at a reduced the difference

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