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Generic Herceptin

my mother is diagnosed with 4th stage breast cancer and she is 70 yrs old. i am told by the doctor that generic herceptin is available in India costing about 8000 rupees . Can someone tell me what is the cost of generic herceptin .

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Very sorry to hear about your mother's diagnosis. I did not take my treatment in India. I will defer this question to people in the forum who took the treatment in India and will be able to guide you appropriately.

You mother will be in my prayers....




Thank you so much for replying and your valuable prayers.



My mother is taking treatment in India. I don't have idea of generic herceptin cost. Probably you can consult to your doctor, where you can get the generic herceptin. For us Hertraz 440 was costing around 57k. You can ask your doctor to refer you for Ashray helpline for free herceptin injection (an initiative by Mylan) . Under your doctor recommendation Mylan will provide free vial for every 2 or 3 vial purchased. So talk to your doctor, he will introduce you such initiative program who help breast cancer patient. My prayers are with your Mom.


I don’t think any generic Herceptin costs 8000. But like Sray has mentioned above, you can get some discounts; you will need to talk to your Medical Oncologist for that.


Hi, Generic Herceptin is available with the brand name Hertraz and Canmab.

Hertraz manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceutical and Canmab manufactured by Bicon pharmaceutical India. both medicines are generic version of Herceptin and easily available on Indian market.


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