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Review of Breast Cancer in South India

Review of Breast Cancer in South India

We did a systematic review and report an increase in breast cancer incidence due to various modifiable risk factors was noted, especially in women over 40 years of age, with late stage of presentation, lack of awareness about screening, costs, fear and stigma associated with the disease serving as major barriers

for early presentation.

Educational strategies should be aimed at modifying the life style, early

planning of pregnancy, promoting breast feeding and physical activity. It is very important to obtain reliable data for planning policies, decision-making and setting up the priorities.

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Hello sir

Nice review.

But, one more thing I would like to edit here,in India, late in diagnosis is not always from the side of patient, sometimes its from the side of some medical practitioner also who are not well versed with breast lump or tumours but even then they try to cure this.


Yes, rana, very correctly said. Every third patient of breast cancer I see, has invariably seen a gynec or a surgeon or some other doctor and it is the doctor who is the cause of delay. In medical CME's, when I openly speak out against such issues of gynecs and surgeons not knowing how to manage breast lumps at all, many doctors stand up and counter me. But I counter back by showing them evidence. Till now, I have documents of 21 separate patients, on how they were seen a few months earlier, when the cancer could have been detected, but was delayed due to the doctor. Of course, in my scanned copies of same, I have wiped out names of doctors and do not reveal their identity. The moment I produce these scanned documents, all those surgeons or gynecs sit quietly, no more questions asked. And believe me, Rana, this reason was the major factor driving me to create a website on breast cancer in India for the lay man


A good article, for sure. And you have very well pointed out a few important factors there! I will review your article in detail, once free


Thanks sir!! I have no word to appreciate your efforts, as a doctor ,as a person.

Also, I think , it's a open access journal, check once again.


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