Wonderful article on Shikha's work in raising awareness on breast cancer in South Asian women

Read this article, it's on wonderful work of breast cancer awareness, especially amongst South Asian women, done by Shikha Manchanda.

Shikha, we salute to your work and efforts. Awesome! Keep it up!


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  • Congrats and a Great salute to Shikha. You can make every cancer fighter a survivor.

  • Thanks for sharing Sumeet! And thanks rana31 for your kind words.


  • Congrats shikha and hats off!keep up the good work!

  • Shikha excellent work - a salute to you - feel like meeting you personally

  • I hope to meet the people in this forum too. Best thing about the social media is that there are no spatial boundaries, and that this communication had been possible. Thanks again for your encouraging words!

  • Thank you all for your kind worlds and encouragement. I wish I could do more, but currently busy with grad studies. Hopefully this course will guide me in a direction that may be even more useful to future research in sociological aspect of the disease and equip me better on how to cater to the social and emotional needs of people in my own community and in my adopted country.

  • hi shikha

    really i m so proud that u after going through this ailment u r still positive about every thing. wish all feel like u

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